Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Enjoy the jJourney. . .

It has been a few weeks since I last posted to my blog. . . they have been busy, busy, busy. My husband and I celebrated our anniversary the last part of August by taking some time off from our regular hectic schedules and spent time focusing on one another. It was WONDERFUL.
We spent some time in Cedar City and St. George. We spent time “dreaming” at a “Midsummer Night’s Dream”; under the sea with the “Little Mermaid” and finally relived the romance of our “Summer Nights” at “Grease”. It was fun and each play was totally enjoyable. If you have been to any, consider going to one before the summer is over.
While traveling, I tried to watch what I ate and it was easier after the discussions in our nutrition classes with Mindy. I was much more focused on HEALTHY vs. UNHEALTHY. I gained only 1 pound while on vacation.
The weight loss remains slow to come off--my clothes fit much better and there are a few more inches in them now. My balance, strength and stamina have improved with each workout.  Jocelyn, my trainer--who, by the way, is totally AWESOME, was even on vacation and I worked hard while she was gone!
 My determination to continue working is set and I am hoping that by the end of the challenge the weight loss has improved too. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Life is a journey, not a destination." So it is with this program—I am enjoying the journey.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Howdy Partners!

I hope you were able celebrated the 24th of July in the famous Utah style. We did! I just love this time of year and all the parades, family get-togethers, rodeos etc. These can raise havoc when you trying to “watch” what you eat and to be active. This year, I have tried to keep things in check and I think I’ve done pretty well. Sitting next to my cute granddaughter at the rodeo while she was eating Nachos smothered in cheese did make my mouth water just a little—I had a long sip of cold water and focused on the great time we were having, laughing and watching all the rodeo action—I really didn’t feel deprived. The clown and announcer put out so many “one-liners” that I had to find some to share with you.

Here you go, enjoy:
§   I keep trying to lose weight but it keeps finding me.
§  Those who get too big for their britches, will be exposed in the end.
§  There are two things you should never eat before breakfast: (lunch and dinner).
§   It's not the minutes spent at the table that put on weight, it's the seconds.
§  A diet is when you have to go to some length to change your width.
§  By the time I'm thin, fat will be in.
§  Dieting is wishful shrinking.
§  How can I go on a diet? The refrigerator is still full!

 Here's hopin' you have a great week!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fireworks. . .

I love to celebrate the 4th of July! It’s a great time to reflect on how truly grateful I am to live in America. I am thankful for my freedoms, the sacrifices’ that have been made and continue to be made by the brave men and women in the armed forces. I love the time spent with family , the band music and the great fireworks. Yes, I am proud to be an American. I am especially thankful to my dad, who served our country in the U.S. Navy. He died from heart problems and had just been diagnosed with diabetes before he passed. I am so pleased that I have the opportunity to participate in the 100-Day Heart Challenge—I can already tell there has been improvement. I have more energy, my balance is getting better and I am feeling better about ME. I am feeling much better about my future prospects for good health.
The gym is GREAT! I am doing more than I ever thought possible and feeling good about it. I see others involved in the challenge and feel a great source of delight and support from them.  Way to go everyone---keep up the GREAT work and I will too!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Feel the stretch…

I am in the thick of the “work-out” program and feeling pretty good about my progress. The one surprising result has been the results from stretching. I have never done these in past workouts—these left me very sore, not wanting to start the routine again. This time, however, my fantastic trainer Jocelyn, instructed me to do stretches after we finished the weight and cardio training. They totally relieved me of the sore muscles. It was totally AMAZING. I now do them after my walks on the off days we train together. Thanks a million Jocelyn—you are great!
You might want to give “stretching” a try too--I found a great website: http://www.womensheart.org/content/exercise/stretching_exercise.asp 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Celebrations. . .

We had a weekend of celebrations around our house. Our little Britney turned 5 on Friday, on Sunday we celebrated our fathers (husband and son’s) and Monday it was my husband’s birthday and our Haley’s 9th birthday. We love visiting with everyone on these special occasions and it’s great to have family together. However, when you’ve just committed to an eating plan your feel a little deprived not partaking of all the goodies. But I as I reflected that everything that “over the lips and down the throat” had to be recorded, it made the decision less stressful—in fact, it was very easy to pass it up all the sugar filled cakes and goodies. I do admit that I had one small cupcake though--I didn’t want to record it. I know that I will regret having indulged when I met with my cute trainer Jocelyn on Wednesday morning.  I am becoming more conscience of what I am putting in my mouth and leaving behind the “mindless” eating that I have become accustomed too.

“Think, think before you eat it” is my new motto. Did you know that vegetarians eat animal crackers???? Celebrate your day and have a great on!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Just what I needed. . .

I am so thrilled that I am able to participate in the 100-Day Heart Challenge. Working in the Cardiovascular Unit has inspired me to take a closer look at my lifestyle. My family has a history of diabetes and heart problems and I didn’t want either of these factors to be my fate. I had never had my cholesterol levels checked, worried that my blood pressure numbers were creeping up and that diabetes might be in my future because of my family background.

I mentioned to my husband that I was going to apply and he is very supportive! We have been talking about getting on track with our exercise and eating routine and now we have a great opportunity. He wants incorporate what I am doing and together we will make important changes toward a much healthier and happier lifestyle. We have 3 super children and their great spouses and 10 beautiful grandchildren (our newest one arrived on June 12). It is important to set a good example for them to follow and to have the energy to keep up with their enthusiasm for life.

Wednesday morning, bright and early I met with my trainer Jocelyn. She was so energetic, delightful and knowledgeable—it helped me to generate my own excitement for the training session. We went through the circuit of exercises—it was a stretch to get through them, but I look forward to more energy as we work together. I was surprised that I wasn’t sore or stiff the following day—I really felt pretty good.

Beginning this program is making me accountable for the food choices that I make too! I don’t put things in my mouth without thinking first—I pause and decide if it really is something I want or need. It will be interesting to go to the nutrition class next week.

I'll let you know how it goes....